• Senior Leader and Line Manager Exam Support

This website has been created by The Learning and Skills Office, The Exams Office and the National Association of Examinations Officers. To support a senior leader in successfully managing their exams officer, and the examination system, within their centre. This will ensure that examinations and assessments are managed in line with JCQ regulations and awarding body requirements


Senior leaders must make themselves familiar with/read the JCQ regulations - in particular the General Regulations for Approved Centres publication.

The General Regulations for Approved Centres detail the role of the head of centre/senior leadership team in relation to the management of examinations within their centre.

Section 5.3 of JCQ's General Regulations for Approved Centres states:

'The head of centre must ensure that the examinations officer is line managed and actively supported by a member of the senior leadership team who has a good working knowledge of the examination system.

It is the responsibility of the head of centre to ensure that his/her centre... has in place a member of the senior leadership team who will provide support and guidance to the examinations officer and ensure that the integrity and security of examinations and assessments is maintained throughout an examination series'

The content within this website has been designed to offer senior leaders with responsibility for examinations within their centre, and those line managing an exams officer, advice, guidance and support in relation to the following areas:

  • Recruiting an exams officer: from the job description and person specification, to interview questions
  • Supporting an exams officer: whether the exams officer is new to role, new to a centre, or experienced in the role
  • Supervising your exams officer: with meeting agenda and appraisal/performance management templates
  • Support materials: to ensure that examinations/assessments are managed, administered and conducted in line with JCQ regulations, and that contingency planning is in place in the event of the absence of the exams officer
  • Stakeholder updates: the latest exam-related information from key stakeholders including the DfE, Ofqual, JCQ and its awarding bodies
  • Training: information on the latest training available for senior leaders/line managers

Exams Officer Professional Standards

This website also provides access to the Exams Officer Professional Standards (as launched by the National Association of Examinations Officers). Senior leaders/line managers can register their exams officer for the Standards and confirm completion of all areas to acquire an annual certificate to present to their exams officer.

Click here for more information on the Exams Officer Professional Standards


Actions for senior leaders to undertake during the summer exam series

JCQ Key reminders for heads of centre and senior leaders responsible for exams in summer 2024